Xemex N.V.

Xemex N.V.
Xemex is an innovative and leading technology company dedicated to the smart use of energy and offers communication solutions to monitor energy streams.

De energietransitie in praktijk

For more than 20 years Xemex has been supplying its customers with solutions and devices for meter reading solutions. Xemex focuses primarily on the development and production of cellular and fixed network communication products for smart metering applications and solutions.

Our broad product portfolio offers products and solutions for different type of meters (electricity, gas, water and thermal), PV solar energy and prepaid metering. Our portfolio is based on industry standards like DLMS Cosem, M-bus and Zigbee. Our devices gather readings any given time-slice, store them and perform daily, or customizable, data transfer over 2G, 3G, LTE, CDMA450, LTE450, 169 MHz. or Ethernet. The products are available as standalone unit or built into electricity meters and are proven to be reliable in the field for years.

Xemex N.V. is part of JHB Group, based in the Netherlands.


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