Webinar: How can Dutch cities accelerate a sustainable heating transition?

8 december 2020

13.00 uur - 14.30 uur

Online via Microsoft Teams

Prijs voor deelnemers:

District heating plays a major role in the transition towards a more sustainable, and circular economy. Sweden is a world leader in heating and cooling infrastructure, with a competitive marketplace, innovative companies, and sustainable solutions. The Netherlands is currently facing a sweeping energy transition, and many challenges will arise. 

With large scale projects on the horizon, we want to share knowledge from how Sweden has tackled the challenges of building up a strong and broad heating and cooling infrastructure? What role can cities play in the heating transition? How can we collaborate in this field? There are many opportunities for closer co-operation and we hope that this webinar will enable us to share experiences and concrete problem-solving for the benefit of the necessary energy transition. 


Did you know? 

• Sweden has extensive experience within district heating, with the first heat networks being developed over 50 years ago. Today, 55% of homes and commercial buildings are heated through district heating solutions. 
• A competitive domestic market means Swedish companies are highly innovative, and many Swedish suppliers are major players globally. 
• In the Netherlands, heat supply from district heating schemes represents a small but growing proportion of total heat supply, with less than 10% of heat being provided by heat networks. 
• The Netherlands has a goal that 1,5 million households (ca 25%) will be connected to new, sustainable heating systems by 2030. 



Annika Markovic, Ambassador of Sweden to the Netherlands 

Emilia Pisani, Communications Director, Celsius Initiative 

Paul Westin, Senior Business Developer, Swedish Energy Agency 

Inge Eklund & Fredrik Edlund, Mälarenergi 

Arno van Gestel, Commercial Director Heat Netherlands, Vattenfall 

Mårten Ahlm, Business Developer HVAC, Alfa Laval 

Johan de Cuyper, CEO, Cetetherm 


Registration: latest Monday 7 December via the link here

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